Thursday, July 31, 2008

I miss you my dear San Francisco

There are many reasons why my husband and I decided to leave San Francisco.
First and definitely most important reason why we left: the absolutely horrible weather. To all of you out there that love the damp dreary summer of non stop fog, drizzle and general misery I don't even try to understand your insane type of outlook on life. To me summer is nothing less that a deep golden bronze, preferably gotten laying on the smooth southern California sand but the pool at our condo will do.
Second reason to move the fact that any decent property in that town costs you not only your life savings but that of your whole family and 3-7 neighbors. For our cute and I must say pretty darned spacious condo which is very safe, sunny, and full of vegetation suburbia we could have bout a studio on the corner of crack addict and rape in the worst part of the city. Instead of the smell of fresh cut grass and flowers we would have had the unmistakable smell of bum filth and urine wafting through our barred windows.
Third reason to move: You have to have same insane connection to SFUSD to get a job there. I am not sure why a job there is harder to get than a CIA operative but it is and since i do not have stealth ninja like skills to get a job I had to leave.

Why then is my post titled I miss you San Francisco. Obviously so much of San Francisco I do not miss. Even the shopping here is pretty comparable and parking is always available and FREE!!! Weather much better, air cleaner, better schools, parking, etc. I could go on. But as I was laying out at the pool getting my dark golden bronzy tan I was reading San Francisco magazine. No big deal, usually I hate the yuppiness of this magazine but this was the restaurant edition. OH MY GOD!!! How I miss the incredible food of San Francisco. A place where chain restaurants do not exist. A place where you can get literally anything to eat and it is all so good, so authentic and depending of the place so cheap. I can't even put the difference in words because there are non to compare absolutely mind blowing awesome with okay, boring, run of the mill, cookie cutter type dining. I think that this is the only reason why I even think about moving back to that terrible.
Well that, and all my awesome friends there.

So long restaurant bliss instead of family and close friends we are now only those distant relatives you see once in a while. But when you do the reunion is that much sweeter.

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