Tuesday, August 25, 2009

makes me think crooked

I am quite possibly the world's worst blogger. Why would you ask. just look at my posts the last one was APRIL. good thing I am not making money off this or I'd be broke. I really do like to blog and funny things happen all the damn time when you spend your life cooped up with the adolescent type but you are so busy trying to teach said adolescents to
1. Not be disgusting
2. learn NO one wants to hear about their bathroom humor
4. Not start rumors and then watch as people pummel each other because of your LIES
5. generally KNOCK it off
it really leaves little time for blogging
I know that you love it Nicole and maybe I should just conduct all communication to you vie the blog since you are the LONE person to read it but.... I digress.
There was an actual point to this entry besides excuses and whining but now I forget because I semi taught (student Council retreat) one day and am so exhausted I can't even think straight. By the way can you really think crooked, see it has been one HELL of a long day.
So person or who knows maybe I am selling myself short and there are 2 of you. I promise to blog here about things that are so funny, amazing, or infuriating that i CANNOT keep them to myself, that is if I can remember them long enough to write them down, and them find the note in order ot blog about it.
Oh yeah that and I knwo I am gonna go to hell for this because she was murdered and all adn truly i feel bad for her but doesn't this chick look like A mdam Tuseau wax model of Alien Barbie

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What the Hell

Now that it is Spring Break I can get back to my alter life of being a very famous and intensely read blogger. Since I can fill my days that were consumed with teaching with more educational endeavors this week such as reading Life and Style I really have been learning alot. I, being the good Samaritan I am decided that I would share the best tidbit of the magazine with you my loyal reader.
No, I am not going to talk about octo-mom and how she is "just a misunderstood mother- a woman who wants to create opportunities of love."
Nor am I going to talk about Sex and the City 2 and how according to an insider the plot line is Big cheats on Carrie. Also the subheading of the movie will be called "And the horse is beaten to death yet again."
No! I will be sharing with you the most amazing fashion design of 2009, possibly of the 21st century. It boggles the mind that this was not created before. I now present to you the greates invention I have never seen.

I have yet to find out where to purchase them, they are made in Japan so I fear they have not made their U.S. debut yet but I will continue to research and keep you updated. I hope that you have enjoyed this amazing fashion find as much as I have. I guess that Life and Style really does have educational value.