Monday, July 28, 2008

True Companion

***********SAPPY NEWLYWED POST ALERT********
So as you all know I got married this summer. (If you are reading this blog and do not know me that is sort of creepy but whatever.) Also as you all know some really amazing friends of mine also got married this summer. Their wedding was like a fairy tale, complete with a nap in a pretty princess bed, more on that later. But at their wedding a good friend of their played and sang a song called True Companion by Marc Cohen. The song is amazing and on constant repeat both on the stereo and in my head. I think that my husband is starting to think I have a serious case of O.C.D. but it has a hold on me.
As I listened to it for the 1 millionth time I was thinking why do these words speak to me so strongly right now. Is it because I am a sappy newlywed who married her best friend and true companion? And then I thought yes, I guess he is. Believe me he is not the man I envisioned married to as as a 8 year old playing wedding with my neighbor. We were convinced we were going to marry tall dark muscly men with Sean Connery accents, who spent all day writing us love letters, sending us flowers and general "sweeping us off our feet" behaviors.
Is my husband my 8 year old vision? 100 NEGATIVE. He is smaller than me AKA the Ethiopian girl with blue eyes, little hair and always gives me a hard time. He has told me flowers die, thinks accents are for frenchy poo fag nasties and is more likely to laugh at my feet than sweep me off of them. He reads highly intellectual books like Dante's Inferno, for FUN while I am reading true trash like Stori Telling. He is the kind of guy that when worried about something turns in and thinks by himself in his man cave for hours about it. So unlike me who, when has a problem, wants to talk and talk and talk for hours about it and get every single person's opinion I know about the issue. He has dreams like hike the ENTIRE pacific crest trail, make 80 bajillion dollars, and live for a summer in truly the middle of no where. My dreams are have a 10 foot force field where not a bug, rodent, or other gross animal could touch me, live for a summer in the heart of Manhattan and sleep in freshly cleaned sheets every night of my life. When he lost his cell phone he was like no big deal when I lost mine we had to drive 2 hours to retrieve it.
How then could this man; so utterly unlike me, so 110% opposite be my true companion. I think that is the answer. My true companion is the person who makes me stretch myself in ways and places I wouldn't. My companion is real and honest and always treats me like his equal. Simply put in the end loves me regardless of time, place, or the hours he has to drive to retrieve my cell phone. In the end I made a choice. Sure I could have spent my life looking for my 8 year old fantasy or I could start my life with this amazing and complete opposite right in front of me. As you know I made the right choice. How do I know it is the right choice? Be he filled a space in my heart I didn't even know was missing.

And as the title says He didn't kill me so we all know he made me stronger.
Okay enough sap. I am sure the surely, unruley 14 year olds will cure me of the saps soon enough but had to get it out of my system.

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mr.hustle said...

that was sappy but beautiful emily. nice one.