Monday, July 28, 2008

Fellow Snippy condesending writers

So I, in a feeble attempt to regain my writing skills that I have pushed to the VERY back of my consciousness since June 11th I have decided to up the posting. That and I have to redeem my crude, crass, snippy attitude where I make fun of things and generally make witty, if rather desperigating remarks about everything. Top on the list of recent though are my walrus like arms I see in every wedding photo. You are thinking Emily, you look lovely and walruses don't have arms. I says you are just being nice and I know walrus's do not have arms. My arms look like a walrus.

Okay enough self-depreciating behavior. What will I write later in life when I get a neck waddle, my boobs are literally touching my kneecaps, and my arms have grown a walrus family.

I just want to tell you about this great little website called
I read it and think it is genius. I am sure there are those of you out there that think. Hey this guy is painting us white people in a bad light. But come on it is so damn true. I had those unpaid internships because my middle class parents were willing to shell out money for my rent. Not that I don't totally LOVE my parents. They are amazing and I am So lucky to have them but it's true. If I was a poor kid who's parents were on welfare living on 3rd and Palou (SF you know this corner) could I have worked for free. HELL no. My parents would have said. Get a job we can't afford to support you as you work for free.
Every single post I read I agree with. Being a white person myself does this mean I am one of those terrible people writes about. Or one of those terrible people he writes about but can see that and enjoys being somewhat put down and called out for my "whiteness"

#76 Bottled Water
That is so true. I the lone white person at times in my classroom can hardly take a step without my cute Sigg water bottle filled with bottled water I poured into there from other bottles. My Non-white students. Get up and drink from the drinking fountain. I gasp while they gulp happily.
I have become sad and oh so privileged without even knowing it.

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