Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our Most American Princess

First off T.G.I.F. I cannot wait for Friday. I swear there is sugar in the water my students have been drinking that or they all have totally lost their minds; but enough bitching on to the fun stuff.
So every day when the students come in there is a question they have to answer. Typically it is about what they are studying but these first few weeks have been questions about them and the world around them. One of the questions they had to answer this week was
Who is the most important American in history? Be sure to give at least two reasons why
One of my students wrote.
"The most important American in history is prences (sic) Dianna. She is important cause she is so pretty. She was nice and wear teeara (sic) (that should be Tiara )"
Apparently this student took the phrase "The People's Princess" to heart and felt that Princess Diana actually was an American, that or this student is totally F*cked.
So in appreication of our most important American here is a picture of our princess.

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