Thursday, September 6, 2007

The 51st state Chicago

This week has been assessment week at school. I am supposed to find out what they already know about US History (NOTHING) so I know what to cover this year (EVERYTHING). One of the assessment I gave them was a map test. I gave the students a blank US political map and a list of the 50 states in alphabetical order. Now I knew that they would not be able to label very many correctly but their answers really threw me. During the quiz one of my students called me over to his desk
"Ms. Naretto" he says (this is a statement not a question), "Chicago is not on the list"
"Yes" I say, "You're right Chicago is not on the list
"But it should be there right under California."
"Why" I ask
"Because Ms. Naretto it's a state"
I just about lose it now because the realization of how ognorant they are is becoming more and more apparent
"No" I say "Chicago is a city not a state"
"No Ms. Naretto you're wrong. Chicago is a state, I've been there."
Apparently if you have been some where it is a state and I am going .... I am not sure but where ever it is it will be a new state.

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