Saturday, September 8, 2007

How can she, she is still a baby.

One of my students came up to me yesterday to tell me that she couldn't do all her work from that week because she was busy. I know that busy is a cover for something else so I decided to probe a bit to see what this "busy" really was. When probed she got all quiet and looked white uncomfortable but finally said I have to take care of my baby. At first I thought she meant baby sibling so I said how old is your sibling. She replied with My DAUGHTER is five months old. I looked her and said "your daughter" and she nodded sadly.
JESUS Christ she is a baby.
How could she possible raise a baby, someone still needs to raise her?
How can she care for someone else when she needs so much caring for herself?
How can she dry the tears of her child when she is just a child crying herself?
How did she and those around her let this happen?
How can I teach her history when she needs to learn so many more important lessons?
How can I try to convey to her the importance of staying in school when she can hardly stay awake due to middle of the night feedings?
How do I help this girl who has a little girl herself?
So I told her I will do what I can to help her be successful and that we should check in often. I told her that her daughter needs a mom who can give her what she needs and a mom who does not graduate high school let alone 8th grade cannot do that.

What is so crazy about it and what made me take a SHARP breath in was the realization that when her daughter is her age she will be my age. I could be a mom to a 13 year old.
Thank GOD for allowing me to learn how to tak care of myself and my needs before I have to take care of someone else.
I am not sure if it is luck or smarts but more likely a combination of both that my life is no my timeline not someone else's like my potential 13 year old child.

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