Thursday, September 6, 2007

When I say Immigration you Say RUN!!!!!!

Today we started to work on vocab. Why you ask because if it a word you don't see in a text from your friend they probably don't know it. So one of the words we learned today was immigration.
I gave them the word and the definition from the book. They had to re-write the definition in their own words and use it in a sentence. I was walking around the room checking their work when I saw a sentence that caught my eye. One of my students wrote "When immigration came to my house my uncle had to run out the back door." I realized that I was dealing with a very different population with a very different view of immigration. So I stopped to class and said I was talkign about immigration as in movement to a new country. One of my students they asked what is it called if you have papers. I wanted to say a good idea but a refrained and said immigration is immigration papers just make it legal.
Well at least they know something already and I learned today that if La Migra, as my students call it, show up run out the back.
More fun stories tomorrow. We are playing the history matching game. Cant' wait to see the matches they make.


Jenna said...

I loved this - - LOVED IT! So damn funny.

p.s. it's 80's day - I look like an idiot, but I wore my side pony tail with pride!

nicole said...

I just fell out of my chair!!!
p.s. Jenna does not look like an idiot!