Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm melting... melting

I cannot write much because I am literally melting into my chair. School started this week just in time for the heat wave to kick into high gear. And did I mention our air conditioning system that was supposed to be done AUGUST 1st is still not finished and now they say November 1. Perfect just in time to need a sweater we can have air conditioning. Today was walk all over creation day. We had to practice walking our to the fire drill spot as well as the cafeteria, in 2 silent lines. 8th graders that are silent; that is just about impossible. But after time 750 in the 100 degree heat they finally were able to walk in silence and we could all go back to class, drink water and whine about how hot we were (8th graders are professional whiners). That and look at the air conditioning unit sitting in the corner of my room with longing for a walk in freezer or colder days.

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