Sunday, April 25, 2010

Like a phoenix rising from the Ash

So 7 months to the day and I return. I wish there was some better reason for my once a decade update but nope just the same old reason teaching. How sad that I created a blog to write down all the ideas that come into my life about teaching but teaching sucks up all that time and ideas and viola none left for writing about it. This yer has been like some sort of whirling dirvish. I can't even remember what happened but I know I did about 8 million things. Most of them had to do with Student Council which hasn't been so bad except for the trips all over the planet looking for one million different random items, NONE of which can be sold at a store with any other item. I think I will become wiser next year and just order everything on line. Yes you have to pay for shipping but I think it is well worth it and there are none of the 5 mile Costco lines to stand in.
Well that's about it. Just wanted to let people know I am here and hopefully will blog more. My friend started on and writes daily, don't know how she does it but I feel that is she can than I really have no excuses so I will try... that means little on this blog.

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