Monday, April 26, 2010

The dreaded STAR has begun.

So STAR testing has begun. We try to make it fun and exciting but to be quite honest it is an incredibly boring time of year and the kids all know how awful it is. I am sorry there is just not a way to make 56 math problems fun, I don't care what you try and tell kids.
This morning, as my kids were sitting in my HISTORY class, one of my students ask me. What test are we going to take in here. Uh, the history test since this is HISTORY class. I really hope his brain woke up soon after that and began working before the test actually began.
Later that day another student asked me do we take a STAR test today in this class too. Uh No this is yearbook. I just hope to god my students used all their brain energy on the test and had none left later in the day because if not we are never even going to get close to that magical number, yeah you know the one.

Day one of stupidity done only 9.5 left.

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mr.hustle said...

I hate STAR tests. Our scores dipped this year too. hella whack.