Monday, August 4, 2008

I heard the pool calling to me all day.

Well folks one of the worst days of the years has happened. That day I have dreaded for weeks now. One that I did not want to think about or even admit was quickly approaching. Yes it is that day, the day I had to go back to work. Luckily though it was not teaching per say but rather this pretty cool U.S. History institute I was chosen to be a part of. While I feel that these next two weeks will actually be useful and I will (gasp) get to take material back to my classroom that I can (double gasp) ACTUALLY USE!!!! in general the end of summer SUCKS rocks. The people cool, the grant director cool, the lecturers even cool but couldn't we be doing this work by the pool or even on the grass. Anywhere please besides inside some dull classroom with the AC on full blast, artificial light and windows that DO NOT open. It took all my strength to not leave at lunch and spend my afternoon by the pool.

In a very haters are us type of sentiment I have to hate one some people for a moment or twenty. I HATE, HATE, HATE, when people raise their hand to ask lecturers a question when really all they want to do is espouse their stupid rhetoric and show off to everyone else how learned they are. I especially hate it when their perceived GENIUS comment has really nothing at all to do with the lecture and they are invariably wrong. In case you couldn't tell by my ranting this happened to me today. In my institute I am attending every morning of the the University professors lectures to the group about a topic in US history. They are usually experts in their topic, very engaging and you learn a lot. There is always a Q and A session and most people ask good questions where they want clarification, to get more info or whatever. This morning though 2 people asked a "question" and then rambled on for, I kid you not, 10 minutes about nothing. Ans what was especially horrible was that their nothing was a wrong nothing and the professor kept having to correct their inaccurate information.
Personally there is NOTHING more I hate than stupid people trying to pretend that they are smart and in doing so expose their severe ineptitude and pompousness at at once. First off if you want to espouse your bullshit craptastic rhetoric then become a god damned college professor. Second, and more importantly I might add, if you are going to ramble on for 15 minutes and waste all our time then at least be right about the information you are boring us to death with.
All in all an okay day but laying at the pool would have been better, especially since there would be no stupid people cramming their inaccurate bullshit down my ever annoyed throat!

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